First it is necessary to clarify that the word psychosomatic should not be used as an adjective to qualify some types of diseases.  Because, for scholars who approach the whole human being, psychosomatic is a noun present in every form of illness, including all kinds of physical, mental, relational, family, professional, social and spiritual symptoms.  Therefore it can be safely stated that any symptom is a kind of symbolic secretion that violently violates the apparent balance of the individual in order to reveal to his conscience the secret secrets of his wounded love.  That is, the symptom is one of the means that psychic nature uses to denounce the egoic consciousness that the individual is neurotically split, disintegrated, separated or divided.
On this premise, when any kind of symptom arises, before we eliminate it, we must turn it into a guide to self-knowledge to prevent its recurring reappearance or the emergence of new, more serious and morbid symptoms.  However, because our society is increasingly fascinated and, consequently, dominated by scientific rationalism, which aims to normalize everything to maintain the static normality of everything, and by neoliberal capitalism, which turns everything into business, aiming at profit, accumulation and power.  exclusionary, understanding psychosomatically the symptoms turns out to be very bad, because it will expose all our contemporary disease, denouncing how far the normal is far from natural, which is dynamic and evolutionary.
We intimately know that nature cannot be controlled for long, and as we become more flexible, relinquishing the illusion of control will diminish the exuberance of crises and uncontrollability and thereby relativize norms.  Therefore, the symptoms and the seizures.  But when seizures and their symptoms arise, we need to make a good anamnesis, equivalent to remembering — remembering or reminding the emotions — that are associated with each symptom, including symbolic analysis of the diseased organ, system, function, or tissue.  , and the consequences of this symptom, both in what the individual has failed to do and in what he has done, as well as a wide range of analyzes that may arise, contributing to the surface of the secret wound.
With this, our hurts can be cried to prevent other eyes or people from crying for us.  Like resentment, feelings of guilt, inferiority, abandonment, desires for revenge, anxiety, or fear can be recognized, resignified, and overcome.  Only then can the person age in a good mood, an essential condition for the immune system to act efficiently, as it is proven that it reacts immediately to any situation where these negative aspects are acting on the individual’s psyche, ceasing to be functional, reaching  to turn against the body itself, as is the case with autoimmune diseases.
Our immunovigilance is absolutely capable of protecting us from any antigenic agenda – genetics other than ours – effectively eliminating any type of virus, bacteria, fungus and even harmful worms.  In addition, the immune system also has the ability to locate and eliminate every aberrant cell that arises as a result of the continuous and natural process of cell renewal, where every day it dies (apoptosis or necrosis) and about 1 trillion of its birth (mitotic transfer)  100 trillion cells we own.  Not to mention that we have ten times more microorganisms than cells, belonging to hundreds of species, living symbiotically in our organism, also regulated by the immune system, which, in turn, is absolutely sensitive to negative mood influences.
These considerations serve to show the magnitude and importance of the knowledge and practice of health psychosomatics.  For all this, health professionals, regardless of their area of ​​expertise, specialization or training, should be aware of these implications to be able to act, as best as possible, on all complaints brought by their clients, avoiding the simple suppression without the bonus of the client.  self-knowledge, arising from its symbolic expansion.  In addition to acquiring the flexibility of the human relationship and the ability to bestow, where the technical criteria are replaced by the force of the affective bond in search of healing, which is the integration of opposites through self-knowledge, where the natural can express itself freely in the normal.  or, unfortunately, in the current collective normosis.