Scientists experiment and observe the world surrounding them, using info to test theories and build knowledge that can be placed on solve actual problems. That they work in areas like physics, biology, biochemistry, architectural, artificial cleverness, and mathematics, among others, to learn more about the world about us. This kind of research and discovery fuels industries ranging from health care to manufacturing to transportation, in which scientific discoveries improve the lives of people everywhere.

But while attention drives scientific discipline, business is driven by needs and problems. Honestly, that is why is important to link the difference between this pair of disciplines.

The intersection of scientific disciplines and business is where new opportunities await. Out of medical procedures and devices to food production and development, careers in corporate science are a gateway to exciting and rewarding opportunities across industries.

Furthermore to your core training, a BBusSci degree will give you the option to incorporate a major using a Water Emphasis — that will prepare you to tackle some of the most pressing concerns facing our world today and in the future. From a worldwide water scarcity to the potential for future pandemics, environmental problems are a growing concern for your business, governments and society in particular.

This interdisciplinary degree programme is different right from a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) — a three-year accolades degree offered at Waterloo — in that the BBusSci enables an intensive specialization and offers advanced treatment of both equally science and business theory. This provides the chance for a great accelerated employment opportunity that will allow you to apply your skills without delay and make an impact just because you join the workforce.